Whether it concerns an upgrade to a current machine or a brand new product line, bringing precision solutions to semiconductor equipment demands extensive know-how. When precision is a critical factor, measurement strategies also become essential so that success can be defined and measured. At IBS we are experienced in designing for the most challenging of requirements.

Trends we are addressing in the precision semiconductor equipment industry:

Hunger for precision

Greater precision is needed for smaller structures.

Increased complexity

Complex system management with an increasing number of interactors.

Digital twin

With digital twins complex systems are described in models.

Quality and speed

From design to manufacture and tooling.

Hunger for precision

Greater precision is needed for smaller structures. Our expertise in metrology enables you to achieve the next level in precision. And through our international network we have access to the latest know how on design principles and materials plus in-house knowledge on measurement systems from microscopy to interferometery and capacitive sensing.

Increased complexity

What has started with a mechatronic system approach has now grown into complex system management with an increasing number of interactors and interrelated physics. Intelligent analysis is required for increased amounts of data, both during the design process and from the machine or module created. Due to higher precision the significance of the environment increases. This results in a growing importance of environmental conditions, such as temperature or pressure, or reducing their effects with vacuum. Cleanliness of this environment or of the part is essential, with new engineering principle like Design for Cleanliness applied. Machine induced disturbances such as vibrations or temperature play a more important role.

Digital twins

With digital twins complex systems are described in models. Simulations are used to identify influences of thermal behaviour, flow induced behaviour or dynamics. Metrology is established in coordinate systems and kinematic modelling to improve accuracy. (Dynamic) system modelling is applied to analyse and improve motion performance. Models are transferred to real-time software embedded in the system.

Embedded quality

With the stakes so high in semiconductor production, quality has to be embedded from concept onwards.  At IBS we not only design the system but also manufacture and deliver it to specification.  Our strong knowledge on manufacturability is supported with an infrastructure (ISO 5 clean rooms) to realize it. Embedded focus on quality ensures that not only the module is developed to specification but the required qualification tools are included for a reliable supply chain.

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