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The Position Analyzer was designed as a sister product to the Position Inspector, for applications where machine size or layout requires a specially defined measurement artifact. Geometric deviations are determined by measuring a calibrated ball beam or artifact made to order. The measurements are performed by our patented and self-centering Trinity (wireless) or Triton (wired) probe that measures X, Y and Z coordinates simultaneously.

The probe has a large range, enabling a simple setup without alignment procedures. A ball beam measurement takes only minutes and returns all aspects of the positioning accuracy, repeatability and straightness deviations directly of numerically controlled axes.

The systems offers:

  • Simple set-up without alignment procedures delivering accuracy comparable to a laser interferometer
  • Measurement in minutes of the positioning accuracy and straightness deviations.
  • Easy definition of user defined measurement protocols for in-depth machine characterization, such as reversal error, backlash assessment.
  • Absolute measurements for machine acceptance test qualification



Linear axes measurement with 0,2μm resolution.


Measurement time under 5 mins.


Linearity, straightness and squareness measured according to ISO230-1, -2.


Measurement of unique machines. Controller compensation tables matched to machine.

Position analyzer
Position analyzer small machine


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