In-depth machine calibration

From hidden controller errors, to axis misalignment or bearing performance issues, the Rotary Analyzer allows unprecedented characterisation of real machine performance.

This innovative measurement system combines a 3D measuring head with a pre-calibrated masterball for machine measurement which surpasses classic laser and ballbar methods.  The system is designed for advanced users such as machine builders and maintenance teams who are looking for:

  • Measurement of up to 5-axis (quinaxial) machine operation in 3D
  • Both static and dynamic measurements with micron accuracy
  • Calibration of rotary table position and squareness
  • Easy compensation thanks to kinematic parameters
  • Dynamic analysis including FFT and polar plots
  • Machine acceptance according to ISO 10791-6

Classic machine calibration methods, such as ballbar or laser, deliver individual axis measurements. With the Rotary Analyzer the true 3D cutting path is determined, exactly at the tool cutting point. The real data you need to optimise your machine and thus the products it produces becomes visible.

Software can be easily programmed to perform a range of user defined tests including ISO standard measurements. Both static and dynamic tests can be performed and a suite of analysis options allows for in-depth characterisation of the machine tool performance.


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