What is a Position Inspector linear axes test?

The Position Inspector consists of a cross shaped artefact that is placed on the machine table and a wireless measurement probe that is inserted in the spindle. The artefact consists of 13 precision balls whose position is known with sub-micron accuracy. The cross is aligned with two of the machine’s linear axes and the machine is commanded to move the probe to each of the balls in a set sequence. The probe measures the error that occurs in positioning of the probe in X, Y and Z directions, and hence calculates the linear axes errors. The artefact can be pallet mounted and the probe placed in the toolchain.

Provided in the Position Inspector kit
The Position Inspector kit includes a wireless Trinity probe plus battery charger. A traceable cross-shaped artefact is supplied with  calibration certificate. The Position Inspector Software App is included. A standard NC program library is available for all major machine configurations and controllers for rapid integration. Requested programs from this library are supplied with the kit.

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What are the benefits of a Position Inspector linear axes test?

Laser interferometers are commonly used to calibrate the linear axes of machine tools. Despite that these instruments are well known and used, the required measuring time is problematic for application in industry. What is more, such measurements cannot typically be automated, require an expert, and protection covers have often to be removed to gain access.

The Position Inspector is designed to overcome these issues and provide a rapid, automatic method for calibration of machine linear axes. It puts an instant “health check” at hand during normal production, delivering fully automated measurement in less than five minutes to derive the total machine positioning accuracy.

Measurements are made according to international standards (ISO 230). Results are presented in a digital quality report as well as an interactive history function.



Unique strengths

Unique strengths of the Position Inspector:

  • Instantaneous qualification of tool positioning accuracy (for end product  conformity
  • High performance measurement with 0,2 μm resolution
  • Full measurement of X, Y and Z axes within 5 minutes
  • Linear axes positioning, straightness, squareness and reversal errors (ISO 230-1,-2), including compensation tables
  • Machine specific threshold values determine when the machine is out of tolerance
  • Data tracking supports predictive maintenance scheduling
  • Automated compensation tables enable corrective action to avoid wasted products
  • Suitable for 3, 4 and 5-axis machines


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