Rapid and automatic verification

Laser interferometers are commonly used to calibrate the linear axes of machine tools. Despite that these instruments are well known and used, the required measuring time is problematic for application in industry. What is more, such measurements cannot be automated, require an expert, and protection covers have often to be removed to gain access.

The Position Inspector is designed to overcome these issues and provide an rapid, automated method for calibration of machine linear axes. The Position Inspector puts an instant “health check” at hand during normal production, delivering fully automated measurement in less than five minutes to derive the total machine positioning accuracy. Are you looking for the following benefits?:

  • Calibration of linear axes to sub-micron accuracy in minutes
  • Reduced measurement down-time by 90% over laser measurement
  • Reduced rework and scrap through machine inspection versus part inspection.
  • Improved tracking through digital reporting

The Position Inspector employs a traceable artifact for qualified measurement. All tests are in compliance with ISO 230 standard. A measurement report is produced on-line, simplifying in-house quality management as well as providing an auditable document of the machine status.

History functions provide machine performance over time. Threshold values determine when the machine is out of tolerance. Simple intelligent software delivers compensation data, enabling corrective action to avoid wasted products.



Linear axes measurement with 0.2μm resolution.


Measurement time under 5mins.


Linearity, straightness and squareness errors measured according to ISO 230-1 and -2.

Intelligent reporting

On-line quality report. Status and trend data.


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