How we create unique results for you:


A basic requirement for excellence in the field of precision technology. Your problem is unique and calls for a unique solution.


Our ability to solve problems expresses itself in precision engineering that tackles problems from a different angle - with the eye of a measurement expert.


We achieve results that excel in precision, efficiency and usefulness, and help make products better.

Holistic thinking

We don't just focus on details but also on the overall picture.

Insights by our precision experts


Asphere measurement

See how a range of aspheres are qualified using latest CMM techniques.

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Normalisation sits in our blood.

Read why international standards such as ISO are so important to manufacturing and to IBS (Dutch).

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International Big Science.

The ALICE detector at CERNs hadron collider is due for upgrade in 2021. Read how IBS has supported CERN and partner institutes worldwide with sensor module assembly machines.

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