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We have solved amazing challenges with our customers. Read about just some of the solutions we have created below.

Case Stories


Visco-elastic damper testing

The customer had a need for measurement of ultra precision dampers specified to nanometer performance accuracy. The solution was VisEE, which delivers automated measurement of the dynamic stiffness characteristics of a range of damper types, in a temperature controlled environment. Advanced analytics were implemented to extract the required performance characteristics. Standard reports simplify complex damper characteristics to workable KPIs for the production operator.



Automotive cooling pipes measurement

A solution was required in production for the measurement of automotive cooling pipes produced to micrometer accuracy. LETO measures length, endform and thickness parameters to a range of ISO standards with user defined tolerances. By combining multiple measurements into one machine, improving measurement accuracy, implementing international quality standards and automation of the process, this measurement machine has taken the quality control process a generation forward for the customer.



Cylinder measurement

A cylinder measurement machine was required for the printing industry. Twenty years earlier a state-of-the art machine had been delivered. Still in service, the customer was looking towards the next generation of products and an increase in product sizes. The challenge was to measure products varying in length from 0,20m to 5m and weights up to 300kg. Advanced co-ordinate metrology was implemented to translate sensor data to product specifications. Air bearing technology allows near frictionless linear and rotation movements to support micron level accuracy and repeatability.


CERN Placement Machine

ALICE Detector Assembly

As part of the ALICE detector upgrade, CERN required a sensor module assembly machine. ALICIA was developed to measure and assemble the 15,000 sensor chips which make up the new detector. Working closely with CERN teams across the globe, the machine accommodated changing requirements as the sensor chip technology developed; from chip size to positioning accuracy and test protocols. The whole assembly and inspection procedure of one sensor module generates 0.5 terabytes of information. The collection and processing of this amount of big data
was an additional challenge which was solved. The first machine, ALICIA 1, passed the site acceptance test at CERN and seven more machines have since been delivered by IBS to sites around the globe. 

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3-axis CNC coordinate measuring machine

VERA is a fully automated 3-axis CNC coordinate measuring machine for cylindrical parts. Making the VERA unique is the use of high accuracy guideways and spindles, so a radius measurement is performed at sub-micron accuracy. The machine can measure all parts on both sides, so even large diameter parts (up to 300mm) without reference can be measured.