Machine Qualification Tools:

For Production Monitoring

Machine-integrated, workshop robust Inspector Systems provide rapid and automatic qualification of cutting position, rotary table characteristics or spindle behavior.

For Advanced Users

For machine tool builders, maintenance providers and other advanced users Analyzer Systems offer in-depth measurement and diagnostics.

For Advanced Control

Simple go/no-go testing supports machine management and reduces out-of-tolerance products. On-line performance data makes tracking, reporting and maintenance planning easy.

For Advanced Quality

Machine acceptance, qualification, compensation and alignment at your fingertips. ISO standards applied.

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Insights by our experts


Software based accuracy improvement of 5-axis machine tools

This whitepaper presents an analysis on the stability of the pivot line of rotary axes using a fast and accurate 3D measuring method to determine the dynamic 5-axis performance of the machine

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Automating 5-axis machine tool accuracy measurement.

In the course of machine tool accuracy investigations many methods have been developed. This paper focuses on methods suitable for automation and hence industrial application.

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Degrees of freedom in turbine manufacturing.

Turbine manufacturing is a high-complexity, high-precision process requiring true 6-axis grinding. Read how Blohm Jung are addressing this challenge.

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