Our philosophy for delivering unique machines

Our purpose is to deliver confidence to our customers in their production processes. We believe the secret to success is to begin with an exact definition of the precision challenge, environmental constraints and commercial necessities.  From there we translate that into a machine design.

We believe building outstanding precision machines require a combination of expert knowledge and creativity. Our world class expertise covers both precision engineering and measurement. Our creativity is fuelled by solving challenges for customers from a broad spectrum of industrial and scientific markets. Our enthusiasm comes from delivering successful machines.


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We can help you achieve the next level of precision with:

Market knowledge

We serve the semicon, automotive and printing equipment markets as well as industrial solutions and scientific instruments.

Ultra precision design

Our firm roots in metrology are strengthened by leading system architecture, mechanical design, software architecture and project management capabilities.


Accuracy from micrometer down to picometer level is offered.


Traceability to international standards is rigorously implemented through relationship to a network of international metrology institutes.

Ultra Precision Machines
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