Our philosophy

Scientific research requires new approaches and often instruments to match. When commercial instruments are not available or not appropriate new designs are required. At IBS, we understand that your instrument ideas and challenges lie at the cutting edge. Sometimes those ideas demand extreme precision.

As advanced engineers, we believe that precision cannot be guaranteed without a solid understanding of measurement. At IBS we are experts in both measurement and precision. We work with the scientific community to deliver instruments where this is critical.

The process of instrument development is iterative and requires close collaboration. A structured approach, gained from our industrial background, ensures creativity can flourish while deadlines and performance are met. Know how gained over 25 years of manufacturing precision equipment allows us to solve the toughest of challenges.

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We can help you achieve the next level of precision with:

Ultra precision design

Our firm roots in metrology are strengthened by leading system architecture, mechanical design, software architecture and project management capabilities.


Accuracy from micrometer down to picometer level is offered. Traceability to international standards is rigorously implemented through relationship to a network of international metrology institutes.


ISO9001 certified for the development, engineering, assembly and production of ultra precision systems, modules and machines.

State-of-the-art expertise

From the world’s most accurate co-ordinate measuring machine to placement machines for CERN and damper technology that improved the accuracy of lithography machines at the nanometer level, we have a track record of firsts.


We understand that research is a dynamic environment where latest discoveries can drive changing requirements. Our skill is to adapt while keeping our eye on the overall goal.

Open architectures

Instruments that fit to your infrastructure and software platforms commonly used in research environments like Python.

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