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Air Spindles utilise Porous Media technology to establish a uniform air cushion between the rotor and stator. This facilitates faster rotational speeds and high-precision rotary motion with minimal interruptions or potential downtime due to the zero mechanical wear.

These Air Spindles provide a level of accuracy unachievable by conventional rolling element bearings. Featuring just a single moving part and absolutely non-contact, they offer standard sub-micron synchronous error motion, while almost completely eradicating asynchronous errors.

Air Spindles have minimal airflow requirements and do not consume anywhere near the volume of air that competing orifice air bearing technologies do. If there is any disturbance in the airflow, the gradual depressurisation of the Porous Media enables a gentle landing that avoids damaging the bearing or rotor surfaces. This sets them apart from orifice air bearing spindles, which frequently demand a full rebuild following such malfunctions.





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