Our measurement solutions can help you achieve the next level of precision with:

World class precision

Accuracy from microns to picometers as required. From cleanroom to production line environments.

Qualified results

ISO standards and traceability are applied to all our measurement systems.

Expert advice

From advice on system application to implementation, we deliver solutions that fit.

Industry know-how

From semicon, automotive and printing equipment markets to industrial solutions and scientific instruments.

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Insights by our experts


Dances with foils - In-line interferometry in R2R production

In the production of flexible electronics, in-line 3D metrology of nanometer-scale features revolutionise the production process making time-consuming off-line measurements for process control unnecessary.

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In-line Surface Inspection of Printed Electronics

Web-guiding and in-line metrology innovations deliver nanometre precision for inspection of printed electronics.

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Smooth collaboration leads to new in-line system.

Together with their colleagues Rens van der Nolle (Mechanical Engineer at IBS) and Werner Knapen (Account Manager Bosch Rexroth) built a linear precision module for in-line surface measurements of foil (Dutch).

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