What is an Integrated Spindle Inspector test?

Spindles must turn true in the X, Y and Z directions to make good parts. Rotational or elongation errors in any of these directions can cause bad parts or expensive tool wear and breakage. Errors can be caused by, amongst others, tool misalignment e.g. by swarf, or bearing failure. The integrated sensors are distributed around the spindle, measuring against a rotating ring attached to the spindle. Axial and radial error motions are measured at 15kHz with up to 5 sensors and 65 nm resolution. The Integrated Spindle Inspector test offers high speed, real-time data on spindle performance. IBS has over 30 years experience in spindle performance measurement for advanced applications. Accuracy, speed and simple but intelligent solutions are our focus. 

Integrated Spindle Inspector solutions are made to order for spindle developers.

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What are the benefits of our Integrated Spindle Inspector?

By integrating the spindle measurement data directly into a control system, the performance of the spindle can be monitored in real-time. This enables an immediate detection of any deviations or abnormalities. The inspection system can automatically adjust or compensate for any variations or inconsistencies in spindle performance. This automation reduces downtime and increases productivity by maintaining optimal spindle operation without manual intervention.

The custom probes are designed to have a minimum footprint to save space and have a 90º cable exit to fit in the available area. These eddy-current sensors are unaffected by contaminants like oil and machine coolant  and will withstand pressures up to 5 bar and temperature up to 125°C. Sub-micron precision level means that even the smallest errors can be reliably detected. Like the probes, the custom three channel driver is designed to be as small as possible. Each channel has a digital EtherCat output, but can be configured with an analogue output as well.


Unique strengths

Unique strengths of the Spindle Inspector:

  • Measurement of dynamic spindle performance up to 100,000 rpm
  • High performance non-contact measurement at 65 nm resolution at 15 kHz
  • Sensors integrated into the spindle or housing withstanding 5 bar and 125°C
  • 1 (Z-only), 3 (X,Y,Z) or 5 sensor (X,Y,Z tilt) options
  • Swarf, vibration, thermal and bearing effects detected
  • Vibrations 2g continuous; 5g max
Integrated Spindle Inspector


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