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Rapid health check of your 5-axis machine tool including rotary axis.

Providing rapid confirmation of current performance against desired specification, the Rotary Inspector provides a key part of any maintenance routine for 5-axis machine tools.

When the performance of your machine tool linear and rotary axes deviates from perfect behaviour, distortion in cutting tool paths superimposes onto the final product.

The Rotary Inspector provides instant confirmation of the true positioning accuracy of the tool relative to the workpiece for 5-axis machines, under both static and dynamic conditions. 

Key features

  • Measurements can be conducted against a fixed protocol (inc. ISO 10791)
  • Periodic testing and data logging allows for on-going quality monitoring
  • Measurement time less than 1 minute
  • Go/No Go operation control option
  • Data provided in an easily accessible form for quantifiable error correction and maintenance
  • Robust, integrated design for production environments


Leading manufacturers, from aviation to medical markets, have adopted this as their standard for 5-axis machine tool quality control.


Demonstration video


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