Project mission

The SmartLine project is aimed to develop robust and non-destructive in-line metrology tools (optical, electrical, structural) and process control platform to achieve the reliable and closed-loop manufacturing. 

Our role

Within SmartLine, IBS is developing inline optical interterferometry to enable real time process control for OPV manufacturing.


SmartLine project objectives

In-line optical and electrical metrology tools and methodologies.

Develop robust, non-destructive, and in-line optical (Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Raman, Wavelength Scanning Interferometry, Reflectometry), and electrical metrology (Eddy Current measurement) tools and methodologies

For R2R printing and OVPD production lines

Integrate in-line metrology tools in strategic parts of unique R2R printing and OVPD Pilot to Production Lines.

Unique feedback platform for process control

Develop a unique platform for feedback from the in-line metrology tools to control the processes through non-destructive and traceable in-line measurements and algorithms, combined with contribution to standardization & reference materials.

Optimize reliability and homogeneity in manufacturing processes

Optimize the R2R printing and OVPD manufacturing processes reliability in pilot lines, fabrication of homogeneous OPV and OLEDs and demonstration of their reliability and homogeneity to industrial applications (e.g. automotive).

A European approach

The above can be addressed only through a European approach and a transnational cooperation between excellent entities in characterization/modelling and industrial entities with unique pilot lines. This project brings together academic, SME and industrial partners with world-class excellence and established track-record in metrology tools and manufacturing.

This project will have a huge impact and will transform the manufacturing processes for Organic Electronics Industry and for other Industries as Thin Films (e.g. functional films, antimicrobial and decoration coatings, barriers), Electronics, Wearables, Energy, Automotive, Transport, Space, Health, etc, to the Factory of the Future.

SmartLine project website

SmartLine will revolutionize the European Industries of Organic Electronics, Functional Thin Films (e.g. optical, antimicrobial coatings, barriers, hydro-phobic/philic), Electronics, Wearables, Energy, Automotive, Transport, Aerospace, Health, etc., with robust & in-line metrology and control solutions.

SmartLine will also contribute to existing standards and will strongly improve existing manufacturing processes by providing solutions for metrology controlled manufacturing processes, accelerating the industry uptake of in-line metrology tools and control systems, demonstrating better resource efficiency, yield and productivity of novel components and final products for commercial applications.

The consortium consists of 7 partners from 4 different European countries (Greece, Germany, Italy, Netherlands).

Read more about the project on the project website.