From the very beginning, engineers at IBS Precision Engineering have been supporting the printing industry to reach their precision goals. With machines in the field for over 20 years, we deliver individual solutions with exceptional reliability that integrate seamlessly into your production processes and standards.

Trends in the Printing Equipment Industry

Improving accuracy in printing processes

If you are seeking measurement solutions for critical parts such as printer rollers, IBS offers measurement machines made to order. Systems have been delivered for parts up to 8m in length with micron accuracy. Solutions can be made flexible to accommodate a range of parts.

Improving controlled motion in 3D printing

In the area of 3D printing, air bearing technologies offer the ideal component for controlled motion of printing platforms with unmatchable precision and repeatability. With advice on integration and both standard and special products offered we can help you find the exact solution you require.

Growing applications in Printed Electronics

We have proven solutions for web transport and stabilisation to deliver micron or even sub-micron control. Whether you require precision for inspection, in-process or for overlay we offer outstanding industrial solutions for clean environments.

Micro and Nano-structured printed surfaces

For measurement of micro and nano-structured printed surfaces, we offer inspection interferometers as part of our measurement solutions product range.