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IBS demonstrates nanometre scale measurement of laser patterned printed solar cells live at Precisiebeurs

3 minutes reading - published on November 25, 2021

We like to thank all visitors for visiting our booth during the Precisiebeurs 2021. We were excited to be back and happy to see you in person.

06.4.1 PB21 - Thank you for visiting IBS

06.4.1 - PB21 - Celebrating 20 years and happy to be backTo celebrate 20 years Precisiebeurs and the fact that we were back, we treated our visitors to a nice piece of celebration cake!

06.4.1 PB21 - ARINNA Interferometer in actionWe enjoyed many inspiring conversations and took the opportunity to present our newest ARINNA in-line interferometer developments and solutions. 

Below video shows our optical measuring system ARINNA in action, performing measurements with nanometre accuracy on three different samples. This included printed solar cells for the automotive industry. On the surface of these cells 100nm laser patterned features were measured live at the show.


06.4.1 PB21 - 20 year precision engineering bThe theme of this year's show: 20 year precision engineering. We were ask to send in a representation of this long term development in precision technology. For this special exposition we created a display showing 20 years of development in our machine qualification systems.

Details of this  development over the last 20 years:

2002 - First machine qualification system with cabled electronics
2006 - Head size reduction, 10x higher accuracy
2012 - On-board electronics, wireless communications by WIFI
2013 - 10x higher accuracy, 12x battery lifetime
2022 - 2x head size reduction, 90x battery lifetime, 10x thermal stability

06.4.1 PB21 - 20 year precision engineering a

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published November 25, 2021

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