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IBS Precision Engineering Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence in Precision Engineering and Metrology

3 minutes reading - published on March 28, 2023

On Friday 24 March, IBS Precision Engineering marked a major milestone as it celebrated its 30th anniversary. The event was a great success, with invited guests including customers, partners, and industry experts, who were given an exclusive insight into the company's projects.


The event was an opportunity for us to showcase our innovative projects and recent technologies. Guests had the chance to explore several halls, which were filled with numerous product and systems displays, highlighting our latest work, such as optical interferometer solutions, opto-mechanical alignment systems, micro mirror array calibration systems, mask metrology, and sensor measurement technology.

IBS_Event_0520The event also highlighted the development of our machine tool qualification systems and the different applications of air bearings and their functionalities. Our experts were on hand to explain the workings and type of applications to the guests, who enjoyed the opportunity to walk through the halls while enjoying drinks and nibbles.


Speeches and presentations took place in the newly acquired building next to the existing building, where a hall was transformed into a theatre room, accommodating up to 150 guests. Henny and Theresa welcomed all guests and expressed their gratitude for the trust they have placed in IBS over the years. Henny shared his insights into the five key trends in precision engineering.

IBS_Event_0627Dr ir. Henny Spaan

We were honored to have Professor Alex Slocum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Chair in Emerging Technologies, as our special speaker. He delivered an inspiring presentation on “Precision Engineering 5.0 - Partnering Human & Artificial Intelligence”. Professor Slocum's talk touched on how artificial intelligence is becoming more and more intelligent with each request people ask it to perform. He also spoke about the relationship between human intelligence and AI, citing the ChatGPT 4 as an example. 

IBS_Event_0786-landscapeProf. Alex Slocum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Alexs IBS poemHe started off with a poem he wrote about IBS and Henny. 


His interactive and entertaining style kept the audience well engaged and laughing throughout his speech.

IBS_Event_0843Celebrating a long-lasting friendship: Henny Spaan, Alex Slocum, Theresa Spaan-Burke 

The event ended with drinks and nibbles before the employees and their partners departed for Hotel Winselerhof, Landgraaf for an overnight stay including a very special dinner and a great party to cap off the celebrations.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this special occasion!

If you couldn't attend or have an interest in the matter, kindly contact Ms Jolanda Staals on to obtain a copy of Professor Alex Slocum's talk.


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published March 28, 2023

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