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IBS's newest ISO 5 cleanroom ready for business!

2 minutes reading - published on June 25, 2021

To accommodate a growing number of projects requiring cleanroom and high temperature control, we are proud to announce the completion of the newest ISO 5 cleanroom facility at our headquarters in Eindhoven.


Being a creative bunch of people, here at IBS, we decided to invite graphic designer Joost Schrover to take up the challenge and transform more than 110 square meters of white external cleanroom wall into a creative and inspiring art piece. Our message to Joost was: “We want to bring this cleanroom to life. We think an inspiring environment is important for creative people and we ask our people to solve the most amazing challenges with creativity and skill. The visual should reflect the strength of IBS, which lies in the combination of inventive human thinking and a lot of technology. Using both elements, our teams comes up with solutions that would otherwise not be found".

Of the three designs Joost came forward with, one stood out: his interpretation of our company and the precision solutions we develop for our customers. He created a wall design that fits seamlessly into our vision. With different perspectives, incorporating both the creative and the technical side of IBS. The centrepiece is the human hand offering a precise technical solution.

We loved this design and after he finished the final artwork, visual communication company Glance & Vision was asked to install the graphic on the wall.

We are very pleased with the result and will enjoy working in and near the cleanroom for many years to come. Thanks to all parties for this great work!

IBS_Cleanroom final 80dpi


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published June 25, 2021

IBS Precision Engineering