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IBS at 60th Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium

1 minutes reading - published on September 7, 2023

With the summer holidays behind us, it is time to shift gears again for a season of innovation and knowledge-sharing. In the first week of September we participated in the 60th Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium at the Technische Universitat Ilmenau (Germany).

ISC Ilmenau 2023The colloquium (04-08 September) covers the broadness and depth of modern engineering as well as the increasing integration of engineering disciplines.

  • - Precision engineering and measurement technology,
  • - Industry 4.0 and digitalisation in mechanical engineering,
  • - Mechatronics, biomechatronics and mechanism technology,
  • - Systems engineering,
  • - Productive teaming - Human-machine collaboration in the production environment.
As always in the conference series, there are contributions from both academic institutions and industry.
At our IBS booth, we were excited to show our versatile  air bearings solutions and state-of-the-art non-contact displacement sensor systems. These technologies are at the forefront of precision engineering, enabling applications that demand exceptional accuracy and control.

Our colleague Anton Koch explained and showed the interested visitors how we assist our customers in reaching the next level of precision in their production processes.


Picture of IBS Precision Engineering
published September 7, 2023

IBS Precision Engineering