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Happy World Engineering Day!

2 minutes reading - published on March 5, 2024

Happy World Engineering Day to all engineers! UNESCO World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development is celebrated every year on the 4th of March promoting the profile of engineers and engineering.

WED picture-nwThis day aims to acknowledge and illustrate the key role and the contributions of engineering to sustainable development, to attract the public to support engineering development and to increase the social recognition of engineers.

At IBS Precision Engineering we help customers achieve the next level of precision in their production process. As numerous industries increasingly demand micro-manufactured parts and products, our precision engineering and measurement solutions are tailored to meet these challenging requirements. With these precision solutions, industries can optimize the performance of systems and reduce waste in manufacturing processes. This precision plays a crucial role in sustainable engineering by maximizing the efficiency of energy usage, minimizing material waste, and extending the lifespan of products. In essence, precision engineering helps to create more sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and society as a whole.


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published March 5, 2024

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