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Global challenges can only be mastered together

2 minutes reading - published on February 10, 2022

In February, we were delighted to welcome members of the board of the VDMA sector for Electronics, Micro and New Energy Production Technologies (EMINT) at our Netherlands headquarters. This group represents the interests of over 200 member companies; subdivided into the specialist departments Micro Technologies, Productronic, Photovoltaic Production Equipment and Battery Production.

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IBS Precision Engineering Managing Director and Vice Chair of the EMINT board, Dr Henny Spaan, hosted the meeting to discuss the international expansion of the VDMA in this field. Dr Spaan: “The VDMA is a network organisation with a strong basis in Germany and ongoing expansion into Europe. Within the EMINT group we see a growing complexity of systems which demands collaboration. The international network of the EMINT provides a strong basis for meeting this need. In times of supply chain difficulties, such networks further provide new partnership opportunities. Global challenges can only be mastered together. ”.

About the VDMA

The VDMA is the most important voice of the mechanical and plant engineering industry. It represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of the industry in Germany and around the world.

About IBS

IBS Precision Engineering delivers measurement machines and solutions with world-class precision which operate in demanding environments. At IBS we believe that precision is a critical enabler to achieve the needs of society. By enabling our customers to achieve next level precision in their production, we support society’s demands for next generation computing, data storage & displays, energy efficient mobility and scientific discovery.

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published February 10, 2022

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