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DSPE lunch lecture - Precision in roll-to-roll printed electronics

1 minutes reading - published on June 20, 2024

Our Innovation Director dr. Theresa Spaan-Burke hosted a DSPE Lunch Lecture with the title: "Precision in roll-2-roll printed electronics". Theresa is also leader of the Roadmap ‘Test & Measurement’ linked to OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association.

DSPE lunch lectureIn the production of flexible electronics, such as organic LEDs or photo-voltaic foils, nanometer scale features critical to the device performance are often implemented. In-line 3D metrology of such profiles would revolutionize the production process by avoiding time consuming off-line measurements for process control. Achieving such measurements in a roll-2-roll environment is a precision challenge. In-line interferometry has been developed for this purpose delivering nanoscale accuracy on a moving flexible foil.

The lunch lectures are organised by the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering. The DSPE is an unique community of precision engineers stimulating professional contact and sharing knowledge & passion in precision engineering.


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published June 20, 2024

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