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VDMA summit: European machinery leaders forge a sustainable future in Vienna

2 minutes reading - published on March 21, 2024

The VDMA European Summit ‘Engineering the future’, held on March 18-19 in Vienna, brought together leading decision makers from the European machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. Among top European decision-makers were our IBS Precision Engineering’s Director Henny Spaan and Innovation Director Theresa Burke, who actively participated in this summit.

VDMA summit - Engineering the futureThe main goal of the summit: to collaboratively address pressing challenges and shape a brighter future for the sector.

Key topics on the agenda included:
Geopolitical challenges: Industry leaders discussed how to navigate the current global climate and ensure a strong European presence.
Sustainability: A focus on "green transformation" highlighted the need for innovative solutions that benefit both industry and the environment.
Date-driven technologies: The summit explored how new technologies can enhance efficiency and drive progress.
Eu regulations: Finding pragmatic solutions to meet evolving regulations was a key discussion point.

A core theme of the summit was the importance of collaboration, emphasizing the need for information sharing, joint problem-solving, and a unified voice for the industry.

The VDMA European Summit served as a valuable platform for fostering connections and shaping a future-proof European mechanical engineering industry. By working together, these leading companies can ensure a strong and sustainable future for the sector.


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published March 21, 2024

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