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Dances with foils - In-line interferometry in R2R production

1 minutes reading - published on August 11, 2022

In the summer issue of the DSPE journal "Mikroniek", we present our high speed and high precision solution for quality control of surface features at the nano and microscale in roll-to-roll production processes: our in-line 3D interferometry system ARINNA.

In-line interferometry of nanometer-scale profiles in flexible electronics has been developed for application on a moving flexible foil. The solution developed by IBS Precision Engineering includes control techniques for tracking in both the travel and the orthogonal direction, and stabilisation techniques for the vertical direction. Foil handling has been optimised to reduce damage to sensitive foils. The interferometric system has been demonstrated on a pilot line, handling photovoltaic foils with ultra-low reflectivity, measuring nanometer features – this is a world first.

You can read the rest of the article here or read it in Mikroniek.


Picture of Theresa Spaan-Burke
published August 11, 2022

Theresa Spaan-Burke

Innovation Director, IBS