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Company visit by the Young Precision Network of DSPE

3 minutes reading - published on June 12, 2023

On Thursday 8th June, our company had the privilege of hosting a visit from the Young Precision Network of the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering.

YPN - Break These company visits play a vital role in providing young professionals and students with valuable exposure to the engineering activities carried out by organizations like ours, granting them an inside perspective into our day-to-day operations.

To kick off the afternoon, we welcomed our visitors with coffee and cake. Dirk Smits initiated the afternoon session by sharing insights into the intricate engineering solutions we have meticulously designed and constructed for our customers. His presentation shed light on the complex nature of engineering, emphasizing the countless variables that engineers must meticulously consider throughout the design process

YPN - Theresa presentationNext in line was Theresa Spaan-Burke, who delivered a technical introduction to our state-of-the-art in-line interferometer measuring solution, ARINNA. This advanced technology enables us to achieve precise quality control of surface features at the micro and nanoscale during the production process. ARINNA possesses an exceptional capability to measure discrete step heights and evaluate surface quality with a remarkable vertical resolution of less than 2 nanometers.

YPN - Air bearing demo 1After a refreshing break on this hot day, Ton van Doornmalen took the stage and provided the group with a comprehensive overview of our air bearing range. He described the diverse applications and customer benefits of our frictionless air bearings. Moving beyond theory, Ton guided the group to a demonstration area where the visitors could test the air bearings hands-on. 

YPN - Air bearing demo 3

The enthusiasm among the young professionals was palpable, and we even heard new application examples being suggested on the spot.

YPN - Air bearing demo 2To conclude the informative afternoon, we gathered for drinks and relaxed conversation, allowing everyone to mingle, exchange ideas, and further discuss the insights gained throughout the visit.

YPN - Network drinksWe thank the Young Precision Network for their visit and for allowing us to share our knowledge with eager minds!


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published June 12, 2023

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