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Celebrating World Metrology Day 2023 and introducing Metrology Basics

3 minutes reading - published on May 19, 2023

Join us in celebrating World Metrology Day by exploring our new "Metrology Basics" FAQ section. Gain insights that will elevate your understanding of precision engineering and metrology.

  • Measurement uncertainty vs error
    On World Metrology Day* (20th May), we join the global community in recognizing the vital role that metrology plays in our daily lives. From the precision engineering of everyday objects to the accurate measurement of scientific phenomena, metrology ensures the reliability and consistency of measurements worldwide.

    At IBS Precision Engineering, we are passionate about advancing the field of precision engineering and metrology. To commemorate this special day, we are excited to introduce our new initiative called "Metrology Basics." Metrology Basics is a curated collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) designed to provide insights into the fundamental concepts of precision engineering and metrology.
  • Here are a few topics we cover in our Metrology Basics FAQs:
    •    What is the difference between accuracy and precision?
    •    What is metrology traceability and how do accuracy and measurement uncertainty relate to the traceability chain?
    •    What is measurement uncertainty and how does it relate to accuracy?
    •    What is a picometre and with what can it be compared to in size?
    •    What are the key considerations in selecting the right measurement instrument?

    We believe that by sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can grow a greater understanding of metrology and inspire innovation in precision engineering. To access our Metrology Basics FAQs, simply visit the page:
Happy World Metrology Day 2023!

* World Metrology Day is an annual celebration of the signature of the Metre Convention on 20 May 1875 by representatives of seventeen nations. The Convention set the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and in its industrial, commercial and societal applications. 
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published May 19, 2023

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