Rapid and automatic spindle verification

When you need an automated system to qualify the performance of your spindles, Spindle Inspector delivers a simple but highly accurate system which may be integrated seamlessly into production systems.

Spindle errors lead directly to reduced machine productivity and product quality. Spindle Inspector targets systematic measurement of the spindles performance, to provide certainty in production and planning.

Spindle Inspector is built on experience gained helping customers to understand and improve why and how their machine achieves the manufacturing precision it does.  When you need to take the guess work out, Spindle Inspector features:

  • Automated measurement of the spindle error motion at a range of user defined speeds
  • Spindle performance simplified to a set of clear cut parameters with definable tolerances.
  • A ‘green light’ system which allows machines to continue performing uninterrupted until a tolerance run out is spotted

System interface options cease operation when tolerance is exceeded. Spindle failure can be avoided and replacement can be precisely predicted; product loss and sampling reduced.

Measurement is carried out using a high precision target stored in the tool magazine.  An intelligent measurement unit is activated when it sees the target. Data is acquired by an industrial real-time system and stored locally. The spindle inspector is supplied with Windows software to analyse and present the data. Multiple inspectors can be networked remotely for total factory control.

Integrated Spindle Measurement

With an integrated solution, sensors are built into the spindle itself and simultaneously measures machine spindle runout in the x, y, and z directions. The custom probes are designed to have a minimum footprint to save space.





Automated tests can be scheduled during or between product runs.


Sub-micron to nanometer measurement through advanced sensor technology


ISO 230-7 compliant testing. User defined tolerance values.


Key performance parameters in simple format. Thermal, vibration and environmental effects made visible.


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