IBS Precision Engineering was established by founder, Dr Henny Spaan, with a passion to use the knowledge he had gained during his PhD in Software Based Machine Tool accuracy improvement. Today IBS offers world-leading expertise on spindle, linear and rotary axis optimisation delivered in a range of advanced products. Leading machine builders and users from aerospace to medical and semicon markets have moved their production standards to the next level with our measurement and compensation solutions.

Trends in Machine Tool processes:

5-axis machining process

More 5-axis machining applications offer higher cutting speeds, improved accuracy, more complex shapes and less time & waste. Our Rotary Inspector and Analyzer tools are designed to inspect and compensate the parameters to micron accuracy.

Increased need for certification

Production processes are increasingly required to be certified for production repeatability, quality and safety reasons. Our testing systems preform measurements against fixed protocols to meet the demands of internationally approved ISO norms and standards.

Submicron accuracy

For Machine Tool builders and users it is imperative to reduce geometrical, surface or form error to a minimum. IBS supplies non-contact ultra-precision measurement tools with nanometer accuracy, that can test the machine tool performance within less than a minute.

Data management and analysis (i4.0)

Industry 4.0 helps businesses to improve cost efficiency, become customer centric and drive agility. IBS Precision Engineering contributes to this process with offering central data management and analysis, actual performance insights and improvement by compensation.

Machine Tool measuring solutions

Improve the performance of your machines, your yield and uptime through powerful measurement that puts you in control. Intelligence can be made that simple. If you are looking for a made-to-order solution, talk to us about your needs. We can engineer our solutions into your products or production.

Machine Tool solutions

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