Special VDMA Online-Seminar: High precision in reel-to-reel printed flexible electronics.

In this seminar you will learn new methods in fully automated reel-to-reel production, such as how to improve the accuracy of web-transport and LED-assembly on flexible substrates, and laser scribe features. Furthermore, you will gain insights into in-line measurement of substrates leading to yield and quality improvements. 

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At a glance

  • Tuesday 1st December 2020
  • 10:00 - 11:30 CET
  • Session 1 by DB Matik AG: From Printtronic to Assembly to Flex – Innovations in Reel to Reel Production.
  • Session 2 by IBS Precision Engineering: Revolutionary In-line Surface Tolopogy Inspection of Printed Electronics (more information below).

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Session abstract IBS

Revolutionary In-line Interferometer Measurement for Surface Topology Inspection of Flexible Electronics.

By Theresa Spaan Burke

In the production of flexible electronics, such as organic LEDs or photo-voltaic foils, grooves through one or more layers are made with laser ablation, to create functional isolators or junctions. To guarantee the quality of the electronics, the laser scribe width and depth needs to be precisely controlled and inspected. Wavelength scanning interferometry offers a potentially revolutionary measurement technology for in-line inspection of the laser scribes at the nanometre scale. For in-line quality control, scribe features are extracted and used as feedback to the laser control system.

Web stabilization techniques have been implemented to allow for measurement of a continuous moving foil. Trials have been carried out on OLED and OPV devices intended for application in the automotive industry. These devices are intended for conformable lighting in the car interior and solar cells integrated into the exterior. 

These developments have been supported by funding from the EC H2020 project SmartLine. Read more.