In-depth spindle qualification

If your spindles represent a key part of your machine tool, determine the quality of the end products and set productivity, the Spindle Error Analyzer (SEA) is an outstanding solution for your spindle quality control. Giving you clear, uncompromising results. What are the key benefits?

Spindle manufacturers:

  • Optimization of your spindle design
  • Understanding complex spindle problems
  • Demonstration of your spindle performance
  • Clear machine commissioning with ISO standard measurements

Spindle owners:

  • Money saving predictive maintenance
  • Quality improvement through better products
  • Machine acceptance
  • Certainty following crashes or failure

The system works by installing a precision target in the tool holder. Spindle motion is measured with non-contact probes mounted in a precision fixture. State-of-the-art algorithms analyse the results which are presented in easy to read charts and graphs.



High performance measurement with sub-nm resolution.


Tests compliant to latest ISO230 standards.

Advanced analysis

Dynamic spindle performance, thermal drift, spindle tilt, reversal errors and shift built in.


Suitable for a wide range of ultra precision and high speed spindles and rotary.

SEA 1 Media
SEA 2 Media

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