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IBS Precision Engineering enables 4PICO to write precise with air slides

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4PICO specializes in equipment and services around solid state UV light sources. Whether it is direct laser writing in the nanometer range with their PicoMaster Systems or curing large areas with their UV LED solutions, they know how to control the light. The PicoMaster Direct Laser Writer can write structures smaller then 300nm in photosensitive materials with a solid state UV laser.

To be able to write precisely, 4PICO needs a motion platform that works really smoothly, with an accuracy better than 15 nanometer. Jan Aarts, Design Engineer 4PICO: “We use Dovetail air slides of IBS, in combination with a high accuracy encoder and a linear motor. These air slides combine an accurate guidance with friction free and wear free movement ready-fit for installation.” The use of these ultra-precision components can add a significant competitive advantage.

4PICO air slides“We are very happy with the Dovetail Slides, because these components add to the accuracy of the machine. We already work with IBS for around 15 years, because the high quality of the products and their good support.”



Picture of IBS Precision Engineering
veröffentlicht October 2, 2020

IBS Precision Engineering