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Wireless eddy-current displacement measuring system

The wireless probe communicates with a laptop or PC using WiFi

The ECW110 provides wireless precision measuring technology with up to 42hrs continuous measurement. For applications where cabling is an issue such as: robotics; measurement systems attached to a moving stage or moveable pallet; where space is of a premium and multiple sensors are essential.

The system communicates with a laptop using a dedicated Wi-Fi network at speeds up to 1KHz. The system consists of a driver and 1 to 3 probes.


Key specifications

  • Resolution down to 100 nm  
  • 1 kHz bandwidth (2 kHz option available on request)
  • Range 2 to 3,5mm
  • Linearity 0,5%
  • Temp. range: Driver  4-50°C Probe -25°C to +125°C (optional high temp. probes)


Output features

  • Dedicated and secure wireless network
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard
  • Up to 3 channels per system (synchronized)


Probe choices

Probe model

Range (mm) **

Min. target size (mm)

Material type

Resolution @ 1 kHz (RMS in nm)

U8 0,35 - 2,35 18,6 Non-ferrous 100
      Ferrous 125
U12 0,60 - 4,10 30 Non-ferrous 160
      Ferrous 200

** near gap - far gap


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