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3D metrology for large and complex parts to nanometer accuracy.

The ISARA 400 offers an ultra precision co-ordinate measuring machine with an unprecedented ratio of measurement volume vs measurement accuracy.

Key features

  • Metrology tool for measuring complex surfaces and free form optics with resolution of 1.6 nm (3D)
  • Traceable measurement uncertainty proven to within 11 nm
  • Significantly increased measurement range of 400x400x100 mm, unlike any other comparable CMM
  • Full 3D measurement (-90º to +90º)
  • Capability to reference optical surfaces to mechanical references


The ISARA 400 is designed to overcome the limitations presented by currently used optical methods or contacting profilers, making it the most accurate three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine available on the market.

It can be operated in point measurement or scanning mode. Using automated scanning, no prior knowledge of the work piece form is required. As a result, the set up time for new products is minimal. Automated product handling prevents damage to critical parts. The machine comes with a separate Abbe probe alignment tool and camera for measurement visualisation - especially useful during product alignment.



Different probe systems can be applied on the ISARA 400 CMM. As standard the machine is supplied with the Triskelion ultra precision probe, a unique tactile probe system with nanometer accuracy and very low contact forces.

Download the ISARA 400 brochure above for full machine and probe specifications or view this page for probe specifications.



Further details and measurement examples



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Triskelion touch probe

Triskelion is a unique ultra-precision touch probe system offering excellent measuring uncertainty and full 3D measurement capabilities. Read more >