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A line of modular air bearing components specifically designed to meet the non-contact glass-handling requirements of the Flat Panel Display and Solar Module manufacturing processes. This includes conveyors designed for high speed as well as low air flow and for application under or near precision processes. Also known as air bars, they offer significant advantages over conventional or orifice bearings, including higher stiffness, lower settling time and hence yield. And the larger the glass size the bigger the advantage.


Transition Zone Air Bar

Our Transition Zone Air Bar combines the best performance characteristics of the company's H-Series (high speed) and L-Series (low airflow) air bars into a single hybrid design. Read more >


Conveyor air bearings - H-Series

New Way developed the high speed conveyor air bearing (also called air bar) to provide FPD or Solar manufacturers with improved non-contact control of their substrates at high manufacturing process speeds, with lower initial set-up costs and reduced operating expenditures. Read more >


Conveyor air bearings - L-Series

The New Way low flow conveyor air bearing (air bar) offered by IBS Precision Engineering provides FPD manufacturers with non-contact control of Flat Panel Display or Photovoltaic glass, optimized for applications with low airflow requirements. Read more >


Flat Panel Display precision chucks

Our precision chucks are engineered for use under or near precision Flat Panel Display (FPD) precision chucks glass manufacturing processes or automated optical inspection (AOI) stations, inline or off-line. Read more >