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Case history: Test setup for X-ray micro-tomography apparatus

A leading scientific research group required a test setup to be used in an X-ray micro-tomography apparatus. Specimens under analysis needed to be stressed thermally and mechanically as part of their research.

IBS designed a test setup which enabled an axial stressing force between -500 and 400N to be applied to the sample, at a resolution of 1N. To allow repeat scans to be taken at variable force levels, a design was realised such that the sample could be rotated along its own axis with a max radial asynchronous error of 200 nm. This accuracy was maintained as the sample was heated between temperatures of 300 to 1000 K.

IBS exploited its air bearings expertise in the design of the guideways necessary for these environmental conditions; delivering the required linear position control in Z of 0.1 µm. FEM analysis ensured the critical requirement for thermal balance was accomplished. Ground breaking materials research has since been accomplished with this test setup.


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