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Case history: Programmable illumination technology

A major OEM wished to test a multi-mirror MEMs based array, used for conditioning light from a source to enable the light beam to take on a prescribed ‘pupil’ shape.

The performance of the multi mirror array was critical to process tolerances, which were approaching the limit of manufacturability. IBS were engaged to design and implement the qualification machines for the programmable array, which consists of thousands of individually adjustable micro-mirrors- each of which must be assessed for vertical offset and inclination. Through the implementation of a highly innovative optical scanning approach, the customer was enabled to measure multiple arrays integrated in situ with the associated electronics - going well beyond their initial expectation for individual array measurements before assembly.

Through calibrated arrays, initial pupil set-up time in the final application was reduced to around 10minutes, and pupil exchange time to just a fraction of a second. Optical proximity effects were reduced by 50%.


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