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Case history: Precision dampers

IBS Precision Engineering was engaged to design a critical suspension structure within the measuring system of a precision production machine. For the customer, eliminating external disturbances and vibrations at the nm level was essential to ensure precise and reliable performance.

IBS designed and constructed solutions for isolating and damping vibrations whilst meeting the need to maintain thermal decoupling from the metrology frame. Two hydraulic damping solutions were developed: one with very strong damping characteristics and the other with high stiffness, to meet the required specifications. The vibration reduction, achieved at the nm level, increased the operating bandwidth by an order of magnitude and improved the resonance characteristics at critical frequencies by two decades. Stiffness was improved by up to a factor of 4.

IBS was able to supply the client directly with the first dampers for their testing machines. Meanwhile they designed test equipment for the contract manufacturer. They have since produced hundreds of these dampers while in parallel transferring the entire production to the contract manufacturer without a hitch.


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