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Isara 400 CMM - traceable uncertainty

To verify the accuracy of the ISARA 400 coordinate measuring machine, a Ø150 mm Zerodur flat mirror reference artifact has been measured. The flatness of this mirror was measured using Fizeau interferometry at Germany’s national metrology institute, the Physkalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). The result of this flatness measurement is directly traceable to international standards.

The  mirror was measured on the Isara 400 CMM; using the Triskelion A-250 tactile probe system, a grid of 4400 measurement points was sampled on the mirror surface. 


The difference between the Isara 400 measurement and the PTB calibration is determined by subtraction. The residual of this subtraction is shown as a surface plot and also as a histogram below. It is found that 95.5% of the data points match to less than 11nm with the PTB calibration.


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