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Upcoming events

23-01-2018 - 24-01-2018

Schleiftagung, Stuttgart-Fellbach, Germany
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21-02-2018 - 22-02-2018

W3 and Fair, Wetzlar, Germany
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Latest news


Verifying the accuracy of five-axis machine tools
New paper on verifying the accuracy of five-axis machine tools presented during the Machining Innovations Conference now available. Read more »


EMINT and IBS coordinate meeting on Advanced Thermal Control
In association with the EMINT (Electro, micro and Nano Technologies) group of the German Engineering Association VDMA, IBS Innovation Director Dr Theresa Burke has coordinated a meeting on Advanced Thermal Control. Read more »


Together with IBS Precision Engineering, Lion Precision has launched its first wireless eddy-current displacement measuring system with a resolution down to 100 nm. Both IBS Precision Engineering and Lion Precision answer the demand from the market to provide wireless precision measuring technology that can be used in harsh and dirty environments.

The new battery powered ECW110 eddy-current displacement sensor provides a high-resolution, non-contact measurement of position changes of a conductive target. The system consists of a driver and 1 to 3 eddy-current probes calibrated for a specific material and range.

The system provides wireless communication to a laptop or PC using a dedicated Wi-Fi network that is provided with the system.

For more information and specifications, please see the ECW110 product page.