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Spindle performance is a key factor in the output quality of any machine tool. SpindleCheck is designed to determine critical performance parameters including: radial and axial error motions, thermal drift and distortion due to environmental vibrations.

Tracking and control of such performance can be critical to ensure product specifications can be met and yield maintained in high end manufacturing applications, such as medical and aerospace parts.

The SpindleCheck system employs state-of-the-art sensor technology for high accuracy measurement. Powerful yet simple software provides clear performance data. Data is provided as actual spindle displacement and can be directly linked to tolerances observed in parts. Simple installation and lightweight portable design ensure it is quick and easy to use across the shop floor.

Key Features

  • High performance non-contact measurement with 10 nm resolution  
  • Real-time measurement & analysis
  • Measurement of dynamic spindle performance
  • Measurement of thermal drift
  • Tests performed in compliance with the latest ISO 230 standards
  • Suitable for a wide range of ultra precision and high speed spindles and rotary tables


Quick and Easy Setup

Pull out the probe nest with probes already installed and place it on the machine tool table. Place the precision target pin in the spindle. Move the spindle into position and set the final probe positions. Plug the SpindleCheck box into the computer and in only a few minutes, you’re ready to take measurements.

Start the spindle turning and see the error motions on screen. Calculated error motion values let you see exactly what is happening to your machining point as the spindle turns at operating speeds- tolerances the machine can hold become immediately clear.


Tests Performed

Spindle accuracy is measured according to machine type, in line with international standards (ANSI, ISO and JIS). For lathes or grinding machines the radial error is measured in the cutting direction only (so called ‘fixed sensitive’[1]). For milling and boring machines, the spindle error is assessed for the full 360 degree of spindle motion (rotating sensitive).

[1] ISO230-7, Test Code for Machine Tools Part 7, ‘Geometric Accuracy of Axes of Rotation’


Powerful yet simple software

SpindleCheck software features a four-quadrant display to monitor different measurement results simultaneously. Each quadrant can be expanded to full screen. Measurements can be saved and viewed later.

Radial and axial errors: Polar plots and calculated error motion values clearly indicate the movement of the machining point as the spindle turns at operating speeds. Thermal errors: drift in the spindle as the machine warms or on chiller operation can be quantified. Environmental disturbances: real time disturbances of the cutting point can be observed – if a forklift moving past the machine disturbs this position the impact can be directly measured.


Sensor Options

Capacitive displacement probes provide precise, non-contact measurements at high speed - up to 120,000 RPM. Probes come in diameters 8 (standard), 5 (micro) and 3mm (nano); based on machine/spindle sizes and the precision of measurement required. Standard probes have a measurement range of 250 µm with a minimum gap of 125 µm.

Precision probe nest mounting systems maintain precise perpendicularity for accurate, high resolution measurement. Custom probe sizes and measurement ranges are available on request.


SpindleCheck demonstration video


Download (demo) software

SpindleCheck software is free to download. Sample files are included for viewing in the software. Without the electronics connected, the live measurement functions will be inactive. Click here to start downloading (ZIP file).


Download SpindleCheck brochure


Further Products

SpindleCheck is designed for shop floor use where regular and rapid inspection is required. For machine tool builders or other expert users we also offer the Spindle Analyzer. For a comparison of the two systems please see this page.