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In-depth, spindle accuracy and performance assessment.

For spindle makers, machine tool builders or other expert users we offer the Spindle Analyzer for full in-depth analysis of your spindle performance.

Spindles represent a key part of any machine tool. They determine the quality of the final product produced and the overall productivity and efficiency of the machine tool itself. In state of the art machine tools the spindle takes up a considerable part of the total cost of the machine. The Spindle Analyzer is developed specifically for machine tool metrology, giving you clear and uncompromising results.

Key Features

  • High performance non-contact measurement with sub-nm resolution
  • Real-time measurement & analysis
  • Measurement capability including:
    • Dynamic spindle performance
    • Thermal drift
    • Spindle tilt, reversal errors and shift versus rpm
  • Tests performed to latest ISO 230 standards
  • Wide range of ultra precision and high speed spindles and rotary table


For Spindle Manufacturers For Expert Spindle Users
Optimization of spindle design Improved work piece quality
Demonstration of spindle performance Recognition of warranty claims
Understanding complex spindle problems Machine acceptance
Machine commissioning with ISO standard measurements Working order checking following crashes
  Predictive maintenance


Measurement setup & principle

The system works by installing a precision master-ball target with a maximum roundness error of 50 nm* in the tool holder. The spindle motion is measured with non-contact probes mounted in a precision fixture. These readings are analysed by state-of-the-art algorithms and the results presented in easy to read charts and graphs. On screen polar and linear plots and discreet measurement values are presented.

A standard setup consists of 3 sensors mounted in X-, Y- and Z-direction respectively. The sensors measure simultaneously the master ball allowing a real-time dynamic radial and axial measurement. With 5 sensors the tilt of the spindle can also be determined in X- and Y-direction.


Measurement examples

A selection of measurements available are shown below. Other important measurements that can be performed are: feature location errors, roundness quality and surface finish.

1. Rotating sensitive radial measurement

2. Fixed sensitive radial measurement

3. Axial measurement

4. Spindle shift as function of its speed

5. Tilt measurement with fixed sensitive direction

6. FFT analysis

7. Thermal behaviour


Micromachining Option

Besides the standard Spindle Error Analyzer described above, IBS Precision Engineering also offers a micromachining version of SEA that uses smaller probes, probe nest, and master ball compared to the standard SEA version. It includes the same proprietary software, sensor system, and ANSI and ISO standard tests for helping you understand the performance of your spindle at operational speeds. The Micromachining Spindle Error Analyzer measures your machine spindles with sub-nanometer resolution.

For more details and specifications, please see our "Spindle Analyzer" brochure.

Related Products

For shop floor use where regular and rapid inspection is required, we also offer SpindleCheck. For a comparison of the two systems please see this page.